Friday, March 13, 2015

Color Explosion - Welcome Spring

Robert Delaunay (1885 - 1941), a French Painter was born in Paris. He started painting at the age of 19. His artwork was influenced by the cubist painters of the time. In Cubism, artists depicted objects as if they were broken apart and reassembled, so that when we look at the flat surface of the painting, we see several sides of the object simultaneously. Delaunay was inspired by the son and colors of nature. He said, "Light in nature creates the movements in colors."

In 1930s Delaunay began a series of paintings called Rhythms of Circular forms.

These paintings were filled with circular shapes divided into areas of contrasting colors. He continued painting in this manner until he died in 1941.

To paint a color explosion, draw a number of circles on a paper. circles could be nested, overlapping or separate. I recycled a cardboard box that came with a toy. Using a ruler, divide the circles into sections.

Then paint several areas with the primary colors, red, yellow and blue. Then paint some areas with the secondary colors, blue, orange and purple. Choose and paint the sections by thoughtfully selecting  colors next to each other, so that they compliment each other, creating an appealing effect. Mix different colors to create a range of new colors.

Paint all the sections, and voila!, what a color explosion right in time to welcome spring!!

I used tempera paint for this activity. Think we can try with markers too.

Reference: Making Amazing Art by Sandi Henry


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