Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tens Combinations - Maths activity

My Kindergartener has mastered the art of counting and skip counting, He has gained knowledge of number orders, to a satisfying level I suppose. :) Now he is learning tens combinations in school and I thought it is right time to do some activities based on that. So here you go! 
I arranged different items numbering from one to ten on the table as shown.

In the meantime I had asked my YS (younger son) to cut numbers from newspapers. I told him to keep the numbers corresponding to the number of items. By then I changed the order of things, as you will see by comparing the bottom pic with that above. I made it like this so that he doesn't just keep the numbers in order, but counts and then keep.

Then I asked him to figure out how many more items will make a ten of that particular item. He had to place so many items and also number cut from the newspaper.
Once he was done with that, we did compare the same combinations, like how 3 an 7, 7 and 3 make ten. For the ten cheerios I had placed he placed just the number 0 on the other side. 0 is nothing, so no items need to be placed there.


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