Friday, April 4, 2014

Melting Crayon painting

What beautiful paintings does these crayons create, even while melting!! We attached a paper in the inside of a cardboard box with tape. Then we taped few crayons at the top. My son wanted to line up many crayons. I left to his choice, after all the activity was for him.

Then we used a hair dryer to melt the crayons.
My son used the dryer in fast speed and the crayons started moving with the air direction, thereby mixing colors.
My son wanted to melt the crayons completely and cover the whole paper instead of controlling the dryer to create patterns. Here is the final picture.
Next time am going to try leaving the crayons in the sun and also going to try controlling the pattern. Let me see how it goes, and will let you all know for sure. Hope you liked this activity.

Bye until next post.


  1. really really great dear!
    that third one is really amazing!!!!!!!!
    and next time try to stop the kid on that stage itself !
    it'll b so pretty :))))))

    1. WOW! How glad am I to see your comment here Mythili! Thanks a lot.
      Yes, I tried at first to stop him but then left it to his decision. Will try again dear.


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