Thursday, October 6, 2011

Loved ones

Hard it is to understand the mind!
It feels so lonely when surrounded by people
But feels serene and content while alone!
Oh! It isn't constant indeed, for at times
The same mind longs for company
And feels agitated while alone!
Could I associate the feelings in someway?
Am afraid I don't! Nevertheless I could discern
That the mind invariably yearns for love
At least a slightest tinge of it!
Certainly! How wonderful it is!
To have love ones around!


  1. Emotional one :). And yes mind yearns for a shoulder to lean or lap to sleep or atleast ears to hear which invariably we get from our near dear ones :)

  2. :) Nice one akka.. ya the mind is just one super confused thing

  3. :-) Thx Nachu.. :-) and yes it is :-)


I appreciate your valuable comments, Thanks!


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