Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Adapting Trees

Trees, Who told you?
The time to dress your leaves
In vivid yellow and red
And send them to Mother Earth;

Trees, who told you?
That the icy cold is approaching;
How do you know the time?
To shed or grow new leaves;

Trees, who told you?
I believe you exist since before man
I assume you know not the months
For the calendar is designed by mankind;

Behold trees! You are awe-inspiring!
I salute thee indeed! Know ye the times
To bloom, yield and shed, ever gladdening
Yet stand humble and serene!


  1. Yet another super one Grace and nice imagination. It is always nice to read ur poems as I add something to my limited vocabulary :-). Learnt a new words 'Behold', 'Thee' & 'Ye' this time :-).

  2. Thanks Srini for following and giving comments :-)

  3. Grace, pinra po!! romba nalla irukku :)


I appreciate your valuable comments, Thanks!


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