Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A bunny near my door

I had opened the blinds and standing with Alvin just inside my door, while I noticed a cute little bunny. I wish he comes back for the carrots left by my kids.

A bunny hopping in front of my door
Cute little baby looking timid
Made himself a good breakfast
Out of the plants and grass
All the while watching around
I stood still not to frighten him
While he relished the leaves
And I the beautiful sight
But he hopped into the bush
Sooner than I wished
Will he know that I will wait
Again for the beautiful sight
With crunchy carrots
And two cute kids!
Thats a different story that Alvin wanted me to take him around to see a bunny. I walked around looking into the woods, in places I had seen bunnies before but in vain. Never know when and where they will hop in!!! :-) 

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  1. If the bunny had known that such a nice poem had been written for it, it would have returned back to hear it :-)


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