Wednesday, May 24, 2017

God moves the clouds

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God moves the clouds! Yes, He does and so does He move the sun, the planets, everything He created. When I think of God's blessings am only overwhelmed with joy. Count your blessings, Oh, I really can't because those are too many - small and big. In this post I just want to share one testimony on how God can bless any event, moving the sun and the clouds.


"Sing to Him, sing praises to Him; tell ofall His wonderful works." Psalm 105:2

My son received his First Holy Communion on May 13th and we had a party to celebrate in the evening. We had booked an open pavilion. That in itself is a story. When I started looking for halls almost every hall in my locality was booked for that day. So I expanded my search to include neighboring localities but in vain. I gave up and thought to have the party at home. But I had prayed before starting the preparation that we should have a blessed event and asked Him to lead me to a nice place for the party. I had a communion themed decoration planned in my mind. So when I thought no place is available, it clicked in my mind to try just one more place. From there I was led to a place, which was not even in the corner of my mind, and guess what!! The place was exactly the kind I was looking for, appropriate for decorating and hosting, with kids playground. I felt that God led me there. We booked that place.

And when friends asked me what will we do if it rains, I said, "God showed me this place, that day would be pleasant." I felt a sense of calm in my mind and I knew God is in control. As days got closer, the weather forecast said it would rain. It did rain the previous day, that day morning and it was cloudy in the afternoon. But I trusted that it would be pleasant for the party. It did!! What a pleasant weather we had for the evening and what a blessed party we had to celebrate with friends and family!

God moved the clouds away, made the sun shine just as much as we needed! Everyone was amazed by the weather that evening. Praise God! God is good, all the time! We only have to trust in Him! Very happy to share this with my readers.

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