Tuesday, March 14, 2017

DIY Staff Appreciation Card - Native American Designs

Teachers should be and deserve to be appreciated everyday, every moment. But staff appreciation week comes in handy to express our appreciation for them. Buying a card from store is simple and might be more beautiful. But cards made by the kids themselves  add an extra touch of love and appreciation.

And kids also can make use of the lessons learned in different subjects. In these hand print cards, my son applied his knowledge of Native American designs which they used to decorate their houses, faces, articles etc.

1. Fold a construction paper or card stock.
2. Trace your kid's hand on the paper with the base of the palm at the fold.
3. Cut out the hand.
4. When you open the fold you will get a hugging hand. See pic for reference.
5. Write your note and decorate.

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