Friday, July 31, 2015

The buddies

Hi, my name is Alvin. I like dogs, they are so cute. So I'm going to tell you a story   about dogs.
now I'l tell the #1 story. Once upon a time there was 5 dogs, their names are B - dawg (boy),  Budha(boy), rosebud (girl),  budderball(boy) ,mudbud(boy). Ok then B-dawg said yo dawg  we need kid owners. Mudbud said let's go to the dog pound. Budha  said  now wait for the dog  catcher. The dog catcher is coming and he is going to put us in the cage.  Now we are in the cage, wait for the kids to come. Then its the next day. Five kids come and pick the dogs. All the dogs barked. At the kids home the dogs got new special dresses. Rosebud lived in a townhouse, Budderball lived in a mansion, Budha lived in a bungalow, Mudbud lived in independent house and B-dawg lived in bungalow too.

One time they went to the dog park and met a new friend. His name was Snowy. He was so soft. They went in the farms's path to go to the other side of the park. But it was getting too hot so they had to go back.
Then it was night when they reached home. They slept and then the next day Budderball just had a cake. He asked where is the beef  and where is the pizza? He ate nothing for breakfast. Then they went to the park and saw two dog nappers. They ran to hide in the woods near the park. Whe nthey came near to get them the dogs knew that budderball throws sand to eachother. He did that to the dog nappers. They thought the dogs were strong and went back to the car and hid.
That night they went to the under the stars movie. Then they saw the dog nappers coming. The dogs hid under the chair. The dog nappers climbed the theatre screen and then they saw every dog but it was a bad idea that they had ropes tied to the tree. So they go down very slowly.  And when they jumped down they were going one mile per hour. And then everybody was throwing popcorn and soda on those two nappers. When they got off the screen, they landed in two motorbikes and the people who owned the motorbikes got very angry and threw the nappers out of the park. They never came back. And then Rosebud said we win! And they all came out of hiding and they all barked to their kids.

This is the post by Alvin.


  1. Nice story chella kutty. I loved the way u have written the story

  2. Nice writing Alu bunnu. Write lots more

    1. Super Hani.. encouraging thambi.. way to go :)

  3. Super Alvin..:) love the naration


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