Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vacation, Kids and Back to school!

Three things come together, no matter how you feel. Kids, vacation and back to school time. During school, sometimes I get tired with getting up to welcome the sun an hour later, pack lunches, pick ups, drops, homework, food, volunteering activities and all the miscellaneous things you could add to a mom's life. At that time I look forward to vacation. And there comes the vacation, making the spirits high. I sleep late, no routine, no pick ups, drops , - wait wait..not to the school ofcourse. But a new sort of activities seeps in. More library visits, more playground visits, some trips, some playdates, mediating between the kids, arts and crafts, reading, teaching, screaming, yelling, relaxing, enjoying all together. Sometimes insane, sometimes sane; sometimes happy, sometimes sad; I could add more of these 'sometimes'. But do I want the school to reopen? Absolutely not, please don't tell my kids. :-) I think I will miss them and that I will get only lesser time with them. I think of all the things which I had not done with them and get upset. C'mon, why don't I think about the things I did do and be happy for those?? I always think to do more and always that doesn't seem to happen and ...My God! Anyways, the dreadful  back to school time comes. Inside I feel a lots, but outside act happy, talk excitedly about new school year, new friends and what not. I really hate scolding the kids, but that doesn't mean I don't do that. May be I could say kids make me do that. Then once they are asleep I sit and just keep looking at them with a kiss now and then. Well, all part of mom's life I guess. Now, looking forward for a great school year starting coming Monday. All those mentioned in the third sentence of this post are lined up. I don't know why I sign up for almost all the committees, but I hope I will manage all those. Praying that God gives me little more organizing abilities!!! And here it is , for the new school year and to God to lead me and my kids, all through!

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  1. I presume Hani would be feeling the same and I hope he sees this blog..heh heh...Happy Schooling to Hani and to you too :-).


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