Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Love is all feelings

The world has shrunk to a tiny village. Technology advancements boast of connecting people, anywhere, anytime. I would like to look beyond the technicalities of these so called advancements. People are connected wherever they are. But what does this connection mean? Is it related to the electronic data- picture or video? That puts quite a lot of questions and doubts in my mind.
Well, let me try to put it this way. I see a picture of a plate with tasty looking food. Green veggies, fruits, dessert etc. Does that satisfy my hunger? I see an orange. Its so brightly colored, smooth and round. Is that look greater than the feeling of touching the orange, peeling it, smelling the citrus aroma, with few drops getting into my eyes and then feeling the juice just awakening my taste buds? I see the technological connection as the first scenario. It does not kindle my heart nor does it post a melody in my heart. Seeing a picture of apple is far different from feeling the juicy cruch in the mouth. So to me connection with loved ones, is being nearer, giving and getting hugs and kisses and lot more. Its more of heart's feelings and warmth. Wiping the tears is different from saying not to cry. I feel technology has drifted people apart rather than connecting.

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  1. Same blood Grace. Even I feel the same way. - Dhiyana.


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