Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My first post

For quite sometime, something inside me was persistently nagging me.."do something". What is that dwelling inside me? Sometimes instructing me, sometimes questioning me, and ofcourse sometimes confusing me...Yes, thats my inner voice, my heart's voice. I decided to do something and then came the next confusion...what on earth to do? I have a loving family to take care of, some chores which I like and some chores which I don't like and some which I hate too..Amidst all these what am I supposed to do? My inner voice said "you cannot just let go like that" Well, so many thoughts, so many thoughts....joyful, sad,beaming, gloomy and what not...At last I decided let me put those in a diary...And then my dear Vinod, my husband said " Why dont you write this on web?" And there the seed was sown and its slowly sprouting today, my first post...lets see how it grows...

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