Wednesday, June 29, 2022

My First Job

 22 years back, this day June 28,2000 , got placed in my first job through campus placement. The head of the company,  Hrushikesh Praharaj  sir who had come for the campus visit in his introductory speech said, he will give job directly without interview for the candidates who score 100% in C programming test. Candidates who cleared the first round of analytical testing sat for the C testing, and then some were selected for the interview. I was one of them and went into the interview room,  when I was called in. After initial greetings, some questions, was asked to write a small program too...but then the director pulled out an envelope and said, " As promised you are selected for the job, as you have scored 100% in C test.  We already have your offer letter ready." My joy knew no bounds! One other friend too came out with offer letter from the interview room that day. Joined the company in 2001, worked on then emerging mobile technology, WAP, smartphone, pocket PC what not.. what a challenging and rewarding that job was!! I had awesome mentors and team mates who became great friends,  love that job and all that I did then even to this day...and yes, I regret having to leave that job! 

Last year, in my interview for MBA admission at Georgia Tech, I was questioned about technology and I talked passionately about it, the experience I had in my first job.. the interviewer was impressed and told me that she could see how much  I had loved that job from the glow in my face while talking about it. 

Things are not the same anymore.. not everything is in my hands...I had to defer my admission because of immigration reasons...I have digressed.

This post is meant to fondly reminisce that day when I got my first job, which to this day is my favorite job.

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